The mission of the Department of Youth Development is to support the development of young people in Los Angeles County by coordinating and building capacity for a wide range of youth development services, opportunities, supports, and other care-first efforts with a goal of equitably reducing youth justice system involvement.


    We envision a healthier, safer, and more caring world where all young people can connect with community resources that nurture their growth, wellbeing, and agency.


    Our core values include innovation, collaboration, accountability, and youth & community centered transformation.

    About DYD

    The Department of Youth Development launched in July 2022. The initial responsibilities of DYD include:

    • Investing in regional youth development networks;
    • Expanding community-based youth diversion and restorative practices;
    • Enhancing care coordination for system-involved youth, including Credible Messenger mentorship and other reentry support;
    • Advancing Los Angeles County’s Youth Justice Reimagined vision and care-first strategies;
    • Centering youth and community expertise in collaborative innovation.
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