The July 2022 launch of the Department of Youth Development (DYD) represents a historic investment in young people and youth justice system transformation in Los Angeles County.

The mission of the Department of Youth Development is to support the development of young people in Los Angeles County by coordinating and building capacity for a wide range of youth development services, opportunities, supports, and other care-first efforts with a goal of equitably reducing youth justice system involvement.

Our History, Data and Research

The Department will build on the work of the County’s Youth Diversion and Development (YDD) program model, which has worked to support and expand community-based pre-arrest youth diversion and restorative practices in Los Angeles County since 2017. To see quarterly YDD data dashboards and other links related to the YDD program, please click the button.

Please stay tuned for more information to be added here soon. We are currently in the process of building our team and will be updating this site as we grow. To get in touch with the Department of Youth Development, please email: