About Us

The Department of Youth Development (DYD) launched in July 2022 to support the development of young people in Los Angeles County by coordinating and building capacity for a wide range of Youth Development services, opportunities, supports, and other care-first efforts with a goal of equitably reducing youth justice system involvement.

The Department of Youth Development represents a historic moment in Los Angeles County and is the next step in the County’s investment in youth development and advancing a care-first approach to youth justice.

The initial responsibilities of the Department of Youth Development include:

  • Expanding and advancing community-based youth diversion services countywide;
  • Supporting youth development services and opportunities countywide, including but not limited to building capacity for youth centers and support for youth development in schools and other youth-serving systems;
  • Leading further development of Los Angeles County’s Youth Justice Reimagined model and advancing related efforts to expand youth development and care-first approaches to young people involved in the justice systems to the fullest extent permitted by law;
  • Supporting research and analysis focused on program and policy evaluation as well as assessing opportunities to equitably advance youth development and reduce youth justice system involvement;
  • Supporting innovation and collaborative learning focused on effectively and equitably advancing youth development services, opportunities, and supports.